Police Seeking Voluntary Compliance in Code Issues

The Westworth Police Department sent out over 30 letters this week to residents who are in violation of various city ordinances. The most prevalent violations pertained to tall grass and weeds and the accumulation of junk or “rubbish” on the resident’s property.

Westworth city ordinances prohibit the accumulation of rubbish and junk. Under the defnitions in Section 6.05.001 of the Westworth City Ordinances rubbish is defined to include garbage, trash, and includes all animal, vegetable and inorganic matter subject to discard that is generated from within a household, residence or business.  Other common violations include junk or abandoned vehicles, dilapidated fences or outbuildings, grafitti and items that can lead to a building being declared “substandard”.

Police are hoping for voluntary compliance on all violations.  Residents will be notified by mail of existing violations and provided with the opportunity to correct the issue.  If the issue is not corrected, police and city officials can issue citations.  In severe cases, city officials can correct the issue and require the resident to pay for the abatement.  Failure to pay for the abatement can result in a lien being placed on the property.

City officials reiterate that voluntary compliance is the preferred result of this action. 

To read the Code of Ordinances, visit http://codes.franklinlegal.net/westworth-flp/.